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the why.

Welcome Home, conceived by seasoned designer, programmer, and visualization specialist Cayden Wilson, is the culmination of experience spanning projects from small residential renovations to expansive 10,000 sqft estate homes. Cayden’s expertise includes consultancy on multimillion-dollar real estate endeavors, with both new and existing structures. A current engineering student at The Ohio State University, Cayden draws on the engineering design process to continuously evolve Welcome Home as it responds to the ever-changing demands and needs of builders and developers.

Welcome Home empowers home builders and real estate developers to offer lifelike pre-construction visual experiences, accelerating the pre-selling/leasing of residential units. Our innovative photorealistic immersive tours transform 2D sketches into captivating representations, propelling your sales pipeline forward. This technology instills confidence by guiding clients through a photorealistic journey of their dream home. Whether selling custom homes, reaching wider clientele with virtual model homes, pre-leasing a multifamily tower, or accelerating the design process, Welcome Home provides a comprehensive solution to save you time and money.


the team.

cayden wilson


Cayden Wilson, founder of Welcome Home, excels in crafting 360° immersive tours for unbuilt residential properties. His extensive career in architectural visualization covers projects from small bathroom renovations to large-scale city block developments, showcasing his talent for turning visions into virtual realities. Adept in CAD, programming, graphic design, and marketing, Cayden’s skills are comprehensive. He earned his Associate of Science from Columbus State Community College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at The Ohio State University. This educational background fuels his innovative approach to architectural visualization. Cayden’s ambition is not just to lead Welcome Home to new heights, but also to empower builders to conceptualize and sell their future projects with unprecedented clarity. His commitment to innovation and client success defines the company’s mission, promising a transformative impact on the industry.